Monday, July 6, 2009


I have decided it is time for a new diaper bag! When I first found out that I was pregnant I rushed out and bought a diaper bag from an expensive designer store that was what I thought I needed. It was simple and plain so I thought my husband would be happy to carry it and it had LOTS of compartments for baby things. After carrying it for the past few months though, I have come to realize that it is simply not for me. The compartments are so annoying when filling the bag and there are so many folds and pockets I can't ever find anything! I have also finally given in and started using my diaper bag as my purse, so my husband rarely ever carries it. So at last I am on the hunt for the perfect bag! I want a cute patterned and simple tote bag. No pockets or compartments for me! I want it nice and open so I can just toss everything in and go. Here's some diaper bags that I am eyeing on Etsy right now.

What I love about this one are the O rings on the straps and the coordinating fabric on the inside and of course that it's Heather Bailey.

I LOVE this silhouette! It is super cute and I am way into the yellow and gray combination.

This one is so sweet and simple plus it comes with free shipping!


JenBrown said...

We are total opposites! I hated that my open tote bag that I used for a diaper bag didn't have any pockets and I had to dig for things. So for our anniversary Brad bought me a new one with compartments galore and I LOVE it!!!